Alice Fox

Alice Fox is another artist found through the Craft Council while I was searching through textile artists and I immediately loved her work. Her work is based around the landscape and natural collections. Her inspiration comes from finding objects from the places she has walked and creating a link between them and the natural environment. The work is very experimental as well as individual and is created to explore the boundaries between nature and art.

I love her work, in particular, the work she does incorporating the rust fro objects she has found. A particular project she created named ‘Rust Diaries’. Rust diaries is a series exploring marks and stains made by rusty metal. Alice fox stitches metal objects such as safety pins into a piece of fabric, embedding them. These pieces are then exposed, either to the outside elements over a period of time or to the chemical action of tea. The elements then react with the metal resulting in stains surrounding the stitch. I think this work is really innovative as it uses otherwise discarded objects to create something thats actually quite beautiful.


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